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Why should you exhibit at the 2007 Irish Country Lifestyle Festival

"Ireland's No 1 Game Fair and much. much more!"

  1. Ireland North and South is a good market for country sports and lifestyle orientated products
  2. The Festival is the fastest growing and most successful of Ireland's Game and Country Fairs PLUS it has many additional attractions for the whole family.
  3. The Festival received official recognition by winning the prestigious Tourist Board Marketing Excellence Award beating the longer established Moira Fair.
  4. The Festival has the most experienced organising team in Ireland with a track record of delivering successful Fairs, Festivals and Public and Trade Exhibitions over a 30 year period and this year they celebrate THE 30th ANNIVERSARY IRISH GAME FAIR and over 20 years in COUNTRYSPORTS PUBLISHING.
  5. 5. The Festival has the most effective, creative and professional advertising and public relations campaigns including quite uniquely having its own support media including producing its own free newspaper and having the support of the high quality quarterly magazine Irish Countrysports and Country Life and the top ranking web portal plus its own web sites, and
  6. In Shanes Castle, the Festival has one of the most historical and beautiful sites situated in the heart of Northern Ireland with good road , rail, sea and air access and one that has a long track record of attracting large crowds.
  7. The main arena and supporting arena programmes surpass any other Irish outdoor show in terms of pure spectacle and entertainment value AND the competitions in 2007 will have as prize structure unrivalled in Ireland.
  8. The organising team and the Festival have proven that they can deliver a high quality urban and rural audience with good purchasing power for quality products.
  9. 9. Other events in Ireland make extremely speculative claims for attendance. As you can see from the photographs we deliver REAL and growing audiences year after year. No other Game or Country Fair in Ireland can provide such photographic evidence of attendance - because none of them can actually deliver such an audience. Quite simply if you wish to sell quality products in Ireland the Festival must be your exhibition of choice!
  10. 10. And the 10th and most compelling reason is the Festival's track record of attracting crowds such as those photographed below!
The crowds at the 2004 Festival

Crowds 2004

And attendance up nearly 50% in 2006

Crowds 2005

And even with poor weather in 2006 - still huge crowds!

Crowds 2006


THE 2004 COUNTRYLIFESTYLE FESTIVAL in only its second year moved in to the TOP SLOT as Northern Ireland's LARGEST OUTDOOR EVENT and PREMIER COUNTRYSPORTS EVENT and in 2005/2006 the Festival moved further forward to become " Ireland's premier Game Fair and much, much more!"

The 2007 Festival will celebrate two unique milestones in Irish Countrysports history i.e. the 30th anniversary of the founding of the first major Irish Game Fair and over 20 years in publishing Ireland's leading countrysports magazines. At its core in 2007 will be the 30th ANNIVERSARY GAME FAIR which with its wide range of attractions and unrivalled prize structure promises to be the most spectacular GAME FAIR ever organised in Ireland.

The overall Festival, will be even further extended in scope and potential by the growth of the Lough Neagh Festival, and further development of all the other very attractive facets. The Festival will continue to seek to promote what is best in the Irish countryside ( and now waterways) in terms of its overall lifestyle; sports & hobbies ; crafts; fauna, flora and environment; agriculture and food products; tourism; homes and gardens; art, crafts and antiques etc. In short, it is a unique high quality lifestyle event that should be enjoyed by all those who live work or play in the Irish Countryside or on its waterways.

From the magnificent and historical setting of the event in the extensive rolling parkland of one of Ireland's best known estates, on the shores of Ireland's best known waterway to the quality of products on display and the uniqueness of the exhibits, displays, competitions and demonstrations, the emphasis will be on exclusivity, elegance, style and spectacle. The marketing and promotion will be targeted at both quality and quantity of customer and exhibitor rather than pure quantity although a similarly massive crowd is envisaged to that which attended the event in 2004, 2005 and 2006.


- but a unique new generation event of both land and water

The Festival is not intended to be a simple copy of the existing game fairs, country fairs or agricultural shows. The Country Lifestyle Festival, as its title implies and its 2004, 2005 and 2006 performances have indicated , could be more accurately described as the evolution of the Irish Game Fair concept into a unique new outdoor event with a much wider focus and potential appeal than any existing rural or urban event. The overall objective of the organisers, Country Lifestyle Exhibitions Ltd, is to produce a modern and stylish event that is more relevant to the evolving needs of the countryside and its waterways, and the requirements of more discerning urban and rural consumers, whilst complementing the work and focus of traditional events. In short it seeks to promote the country sports message, within a wider rural agenda, in a different fashion, to an almost completely different audience to those who attend more traditional events. In 2007 we look back at our history of introducing the GAME FAIR concept to Ireland with our 30th anniversary celebrations.


Over 2004/2005 Albert and Irene Titterington, arguably one of Ireland's most experienced outdoor event organising teams with over 30 years of successful exhibition organising experience concentrated their focus on one of their most ambitious projects to date - a Lough Neagh Festival that will appeal to those who live, work or play on land and water. This was combined with the 2005 and 2006 Country Lifestyle Festivals to produce an event with massive audience appeal and even further developments are planned for 2007.

Lough Neagh is not only the largest inland lake in the British Isles, but it is also the oldest. Myth has it that the Ulster Giant Finn McCool picked up a clod of earth and threw it at a rival across the Irish Sea, thus creating Lough Neagh and the Isle of Man. However the real history of the lough has been very well documented and together with its central and geographically dominating location should make the Festival of the Lough one of the most important facets of Northern Ireland life.

Lough Neagh, the shores of which touch virtually all the counties of Northern Ireland has been a most under exploited tourism resource for Northern Ireland. It is envisaged that the 2006 Festival of the Lough and its link with the Irish Country Lifestyle Festival will bring together wildfowling, fishing, environmental, commercial and tourism interests in a fashion that will enhance the whole area and draw even greater support from virtually the whole of Northern Ireland and lough side communities internationally.

Shanes Castle
Shanes Castle with its landmark position on the shores of the Lough and at the very heart of Northern Ireland is the obvious venue for the Lough Neagh Festival. The Estate is the home of the O'Neill's , the oldest traceable family in Europe. The present Lord O'Neill still lives on the estate which is recognised as a very fine example of how farming, countrysports and conservation can work together for the preservation of the countryside.

Shanes Castle has excellent, road, air and sea access. It is a proven location for large attendances for shows such as the Traction Engine Rally, The Medieval Festival in 2002 ,The NI Game Fair for its most successful years ( whilst under the direction of Albert Titterington and the late John Beach) and now this year the fantastic 2004 and 2005 Irish Country Lifestyle Festivals.

The excellent internal road network estate, and large area of open parkland make for very easy access for exhibitors and public, whilst the ruins of the old castle on the lough make a very fitting and almost perfect backdrop for such an event celebrating man's relationship with land and water.

Building on the massive success of the 2004 /2005 and 2006 events, all aspects of the high quality lifestyle exhibition will be greatly extended and enhanced including the Countrysports and Lifestyle Sections, the Medieval Festival , the Carriage Driving , the Children's Entertainment and Learning area , the Festival of Lough Neagh and of course the quire unique 30th ANNIVERSARY IRISH GAME FAIR celebrations. .All of these facets are major events in their own right but brought together and combined into one event will certainly reinforce the Festival's position as one of Ireland's top events of any kind.

Thus the 2007 Irish Country Lifestyle Festival has FIVE major facets :

  • THE 30th ANNIVERSARY IRISH GAME FAIR a Country Sports event featuring some of the best competitions, and displays ever seen in Ireland.
  • A major Country Lifestyle Exhibition - probably the only one in Ireland that covers virtually all aspects of rural life.
  • The Irish Medieval Festival - a totally unique event including a major medieval village, bbq and fantastic jousting, archery and historical re-enactments.
  • A dedicated Children's Entertainment and Learning
  • AND the Festival of Lough Neagh.
For Exhibitors - the event offers a unique marketing opportunity to promote and sell quality products and services to a large quality audience within a selling environment that should actually enhance the product or service offering. For 2007 the exhibition facilities have been greatly enhanced with even higher quality tentage, and excellent exhibitor parking and unloading facilities, in close proximity to the stands . So if you have quality products or services to promote to those who live, work or play in the Irish Countryside or on its waterways . The 2007 Irish Country Lifestyle Festival will offer you one of the best selling and marketing opportunities of the 2007 Irish exhibition season. In addition big value packages are available for stand space, advertising in the Irish Countrysports and Country Life magazine and web portal.

  • The Lough Neagh Pavilions - featuring the history, culture and produce of Lough Neagh and other Lough Shore communities plus Countrysports , Conservation and Tourism
  • Angling, & Gunmakers Rows
  • Equestrian arena and trade area
  • Country Clothing and Fashion
  • Game Keeping
  • Country Lifestyle including Country Homes and Gardens
  • The Lough Neagh International Food and Drink Pavilion
  • Art and Antiques including Artists in Action
  • Cars and 4X4s; Boats and Canoes
  • Woman's world - beauty, health, mind and body
  • The Lough Neagh International Craftspeople in Action Pavilion
  • Children's Learning and Entertainment area
  • Tourism, property, holidays and education Pavilion
  • Boating and watersports area
Quite simply if you want to promote countrysports or any quality products in Ireland - this must be the show of choice for you.

For Sponsors - the event offers the opportunity to associate your product branding with a range of high profile, high impact facets of the show, such as the individual pavilions, the main arena, or any of the fascinating range of demonstrations, displays and competitions.

Festival Organisers:
The Festival is organised by Country Lifestyle Exhibitions Ltd in association with other specialists clubs and organisations. The team includes NI Game Fair Founder and ex Director Michael Dickey ( Hon Chairman) ; Director of Countrysports: John Mc Clelland; Philip, John, David and Michael Titterington; and Edwin Dash Snr and Edwin Dash Jnr - all involved over the years in delivering successful Fairs and exhibitions at Shanes Castle and elsewhere; together with medieval and historical teams from all over Ireland and the UK, and of course the Festival of Lough Neagh organised by Albert and Irene Titterington.

Quite uniquely the Country Lifestyle Festival is organised with the support of Ireland's leading country living media - The Irish Countrysports and Country Life magazine and the internet portal

If you have a product that could appeal to a crowd such as this, then do not delay - book your space now!

For fuller details of the event or exhibition space contact : John or Paul Tel 028 9048 3873 or email or for the Lough Neagh Festival Albert or Irene Titterington 028 9048 3873