History of British Dog Classification Linnaeus Buffon Stonehenge
Buffon Classification  

The next important attempt to classify dogs was made by Buffon ( 1707 - 1788). He drew up a genealogical tree of all the known breeds of dogs which he indicated were all descended from the Shepherd dog.

1. Bulldog.
2. Iceland Hound.
3. Wolf Dog.
4. Terrier.
5. Large Spaniel.
6. Small Spaniel.
7. Lapland Dog.
8. Shepherd Dog.
9. Hound.

Southern Hound

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10. Small Water Dog.  
11. Siberian Hound.  
12. Harrier.  
13. Water Dog.  
14. Mastiff.  
15. Large Danish Dog.  
16. Irish Greyhound.  
17. English Greyhound.  
18. Large Greyhound.  
19. Great Hound Mongrel  
In 1791 the Dublin edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica based its five main classes on Buffon i.e.
Sheepdogs, Hounds, Spaniels, Greyhounds and Bulldogs.