History of British Dog Classification Linnaeus Buffon Stonehenge
Linnaeus Classification  

The next important attempt to classify dogs was that by the Swedish naturalist Linnaeus ( 1707-1778) who included the following breeds of dogs in his massive work of classifying animals.


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Canis familiaris or Faithful Dog Canis extratius/Canis hyspanicus or Spaniel
Canis domestic or Shepherd's Dog Canis hibernicus or Irish Hound
Canis pomeranus or Pomeranian Canis turcicus or Turkish Hound
Canis sibericus or Siberian Dog Canis graius or Scotch Hunting Dog
Canis islandicus or Iceland Dog Canis graius hirsutus or Rough Scotch Hunting Dog
Cams aquaticus major or Great Water Dog
(Grand Barbet)
Canis hybridus or Bastard Pug dog also
called Roquet
Canis pilosus or Hairy Maltese Dog Canis orientalis or Persian Greyhound
Canis leoninus or Lion Dog Canis egyptius or Hairless Greyhound
Canis Variegatus or Little Danish dog Canis laniaris or Lurcher
Canis aquatilis or Barbet Canis italicus or Italian Greyhound
Canis fricator or Pug Dog Canis vertigus or Turnspit
Canis molossus of Bulldog Canis americanus or the Ala
Canis anglicus (bellicosus) or Mastiff Canis antarcticus or New Holland Dog
Canis sagax or German Hound Canis fuillus or Boarhound
Canis gallicus or Hound Canis avicularis or Pointer
Canis scoticus or Bloodhound Canis cursorius or Greyhound
Canis aquaticus minor or Lesser Water Dog Canis parvus melitans or Little Maltese Dog