History of British Dog Classification Linnaeus Buffon Stonehenge
Stonehenge Classification  

Stonehenge (1879) divided the breeds into :

Dogs hunting chiefly by the eye and killing their game for the use of their masters - sight hounds
Dogs hunting by the nose and both finding and killing their game - hounds and terriers
Dogs finding their game by scent but not killing it, being chiefly in aid of the gun - pointers,setters,,spaniels, poodles
Pastoral dogs and those used for draught
Watch-dogs and House-dogs
Cross Breeds including retrievers, bull terrier, Lurcher, dropper.

St Johns

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Now the various Kennel Clubs have split the breeds into various groups e.g. the Kennel Club split the breeds into
Hounds; Working; Terrier; Gundog; Pastoral; Utility and Toy groupings.